Dania Restoration Expert - Reconstruction And Remodeling


Dania Restoration Expert Dania, FL 754-206-0820In the aftermath of a natural disaster or a fire, all that’s left is devastation. Don’t let it deface your property forever! Whether your home has lost its curb appeal following a flood or you simply wish to make renovations, you can trust Dania Restoration Expert to be there for you, restoring your property to its original or a better state than before. Known across Dania, FL area for our unparalleled damage restoration services, we couple it with reconstruction and remodeling, thus giving our clients the complete package and enabling them to style their property as per their need, no matter how dilapidated or deteriorated it is.

We’re the one-stop solution, whether you need damage mitigation, clean-up or reconstruction, thus making 754-206-0820 the only number you’ll ever need to keep your property in prime condition.

Our reconstruction and remodeling services include:

  • Kitchen/bathroom remodeling: Want to switch over from your boring kitchen into a modernized one? From countertops to adding stylish bathroom fixtures, we can handle it all!
  • Painting: A fresh coat of paint can be the ultimate deciding factor of how your property looks. Trust us to unleash a play of colors on your walls and revamp it.
  • Reconstruction: Following flood or fire, some sections of your home/business may need to be rebuilt from scratch. Our contractors can work on rebuilding it to exactly the way it was.
  • Additions: Want a new section added? Or perhaps a new floor? Our team will work together to take your vision and transform it into a reality.
  • Flooring: From decorative tiles to bamboo flooring to carpeting, we can fashion your floors in sync with your style statement.
  • Renovations: Has your property suffered under the vagaries of time? Perhaps, it’s time for a renovation. We can give it the ultimate makeover it deserves.

Quality above all:

Everything we use, from the tiles to the wallpaper, carries a stamp of superior quality. Unlike other contractors and remodeling specialists, we don’t trade in quality to bring in affordability. Mixing in cheap materials will only warrant a renovation within a short span – and that’s something you don’t want! When you hire us, quality is an assurance – and quality assurance is our promise!

Creative geniuses:

No other company in Dania, FL area can compete with the talent we house amidst our ranks. Every technician, carpenter, designer and contractor, is handpicked. Even if you’ve got no idea how to proceed with your remodeling project, our highly skilled team will take on the mantle and let their creative juices flow to realize stunning layouts for your home/business.

Zero room for imperfection:

To Dania Restoration Expert, perfection matters, and anything less than 100% is no-go. From the wall paint to the finishing on your countertops, expect us to pay attention to even the smallest details and do a job that’s superior in all aspects. It’s this obsession with perfection that has enabled countless property owners to reap the benefits of our reconstruction and remodeling services, and realize results that are better than they imagined.

Want to revamp your property? For more information, feel free to reach out to us on 754-206-0820!