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Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are exactly pleasant. Any property owner would attest to this fact. The plumbing that had unfailingly served your property for years may suddenly burst open, splashing water all over your valuable possessions. Blizzards, cold spells, rainstorms, flooding or fire, can cause a great degree of damage to your property in a short span – damage that only amplifies in magnitude with time.

With your property on the brink of destruction and no help in sight, what do you do? Waiting endlessly for help to arrive is not an option nor is giving up and bearing heavy costs for repair a sensible solution. Whether your home is threatened by extensive mold growth or your business operations have halted following a flood, you have but one option – and that’s calling Dania Restoration Expert

Our story:

While prompt remediation can control loss ratios and clip the costs incurred, the sheer lack of such services compelled home owners/property managers to pay up extensive sums for repair and restoration. That’s where we sought to make a difference by becoming a pioneer in rendering damage remediation and restoration services in Dania, FL area and check all the boxes for efficiency, speed, reliability and affordability. Starting out small with a handful of skilled experts, today, we’ve amassed a massive empire with a huge network of workshops, an armada of mobile trucks, a vast team of highly skilled personnel and a world-class infrastructure – all of which makes us an unsurpassed power in the industry.

From disaster to revival:

When disaster strikes and the entire locality is cowering under Nature’s fury, you can’t expect anyone to come to your aid, right? Wrong! We’re always prepared, come snow or rain, day or night, so that your unpreparedness doesn’t leave you at the receiving end of hefty losses. We’ll come through to you, even when no one else will. Our helpline – 754-206-0820 – will remain open, always, when others disengage their lines during such events. With over 20 years of experience at tackling just about every natural disaster, we know how to circumvent such events and give you the disaster relief you need, right away. From assessment to cleanup, we’ll work with you to revive your property to the way it was before the disaster struck.

We’re always on the move:

Delays are unacceptable, and when it comes to water/fire damage, the deterioration only gets worse with time. Smoke and soot can spread to unaffected areas within an hour, a small leak can flood your property, metallic items start corroding and wallpaper starts peeling off. That’s why, Dania Restoration Expert has invested in state-of-the-art mobile vehicles that comprise vans, trucks, and trailers stocked with the necessary equipment, tools and heavy-duty machinery to be dispatched readily to the place of incidence, anywhere in Dania, FL area in less than 30 minutes.

We can handle:

Dania Restoration Expert Dania, FL 754-206-0820

  • Water and flood damage

A small leak or a flood can inflict more damage than you think. Your property’s structural integrity gets compromised, wood gets warped, furniture starts to degrade, and more. Count on us to dry your property and remove all traces of moisture.

  • Fire and smoke damage:

After fire, the debris, charred items, soot and smoke can be any homeowner’s worst nightmare. We can clean up the mess, discard burnt items, restore salvageable property, remove soot and use specialized equipment to neutralize the smoke odors.

  • Mold damage:

When your property isn’t dried effectively following a plumbing failure or flood, chances are, you’re inadvertently inviting mold into your home. We can detect mold, remove it, dry the affected areas, disinfect your property and set moisture-controls in place.

  • Residential/commercial restoration:

Any forms of damage, be it through mold or fire, can leave your property in a disdainful condition. Throwing damaged possessions away isn’t an option, restoration is! We can salvage what we can to minimize the losses and put everything back exactly the way it was.

Struck by disaster? Relief is just a call away – dial 754-206-0820!

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