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Leaving a small leak unaddressed or ignoring that damp spot on the wall, may seem like the natural thing to do. After all, what’s the big deal? Few days later, the consequence of it all may manifest itself in the form of mold – a type of fungus that’s not just unsightly but also has a notorious reputation for wrecking wooden items, walls, floors and causing health hazards. Most property owners, despite carrying out regular maintenance such as polishing, cleaning, dusting, repairs, forget the one thing that matters: checking for mold. Hidden out of plain sight, mold may grow behind walls, underneath your flooring or within ceiling cavities, slowly violating the sanctity of your property.

An example of the dangers of mold:

Dania Restoration Expert Dania, FL 754-206-0820Only recently, Dania Restoration Expert received a call from a distressed client residing in Dania, FL area, who called us in after suspecting mold growth. For over 3 long months, the family had been struck by unexpected ailments such as sinusitis, cough, pneumonia and neurological issues. Despite switching from doctor to doctor to find the root cause of it, respite wasn’t in sight. There had been a damp spot on the base board of the shower stall all along, but the inhabitants had dismissed it. Finally, the client suspected something was off, and decided to call us on 754-206-0820. When our experts ripped apart the flooring we uncovered extensive mold growth that had proliferated to dangerous levels and carried out rigorous clean-up efforts to eradicate all signs of mold from the property.

Why you need professional mold remediation?

DIY methods only work when the mold is clearly visible and is in its starting stages. Hidden mold might be difficult to remove, plus there’s always a chance you might not eliminate it completely, thus enabling mold to come back stronger than ever.

Here’s why it’s better to turn to Dania Restoration Expert for mold remediation:

  1. Timely detection:  Mold only takes 48-72 hours to grow. Timely detection can curb its growth – and that’s what we excel in. We use advanced thermal imaging techniques to detect moisture or leaks and also have exclusive tools that check the air quality to detect mold spores.

  2. We remove ALL mold: Whether it’s hidden underneath the layers of drywall or there’s presence of dormant mold spores in the air, we’ll detect and remove it in a speedy and efficient manner. Once we leave your property, you can be assured you won’t be seeing mold again.

  3. We eliminate the source: Removing the mold from the surface isn’t enough, and we understand that! If there’s a hidden leak or excess humidity that could be feeding the mold, we address it right away.

  4. We’ve got special cleansers: Common household bleaches and cleansers may not do the trick. To completely remove all traces of mold, we use specialized chemicals and disinfectants that can decontaminate the affected areas.

  5. Repair any damage: Mold can eat into the paper on your drywall, wood, carpets and other furnishings. We’ll treat damaged items with chemicals to restore them to their pre-damaged state.

  6. Prevent future growth: We can replace affected materials with mold-resistant ones, apply paints with anti-mold characteristics, and deploy other measures to prevent a recurrence.

Are you under a mold threat? Don’t worry, we’re available just around the corner in Dania, FL area and can be reached at 754-206-0820!