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Time and again, Nature proves where the real power lies. Whole cities can get submerged in its fury, and it might take days or even weeks for any semblance of normality to return. However, floods don’t have to be that intense or dramatic to have a negative outcome. In fact, it only takes a few inches of water to cause some serious damage. From weakening your property’s structure to promoting the growth of harmful microorganisms, when a flood enters your home either after a severe storm or due to a major plumbing disaster, when it leaves it takes a piece of your property with it. As grim as it may seem, calling a disaster expert specializing in handling flood damages will enable you to start putting your life back together again.

We’re flood ready. Are you?

Nothing can prepare you for the devastation that flooding brings. Be proactive and don’t let your unpreparedness amplify the damage done. Put our number – 754-206-0820 – on your speed dial and ring us up. Dania Restoration Expert is always prepared for the inevitable and won’t take hours to gather technicians and the necessary equipment for the job. Everything we need is pre-loaded in our trucks and the moment we receive your call for assistance, we’ll dispatch an expert team of flood damage restoration specialists to your location in Dania, FL area, in less than 30 minutes.

Stay safe after a flood:

If there’s standing water at your home/business property, whether due to a weather-related catastrophe or due to water leaks, here are a few simple tips that will help you stay safe before our professionals get to you:

  • Electrical hazards: Look for signs of downed power lines or any electrical equipment that has come in contact with the water. Unless you’re sure that the power is shut off, chances are the water may be electrified. If you can safely shut off the mains, then do it.

  • Biological hazards: Do not ingest any food that has come in contact with the flood water unless it’s stored in an air-tight container. Avoid direct contact with the water, because it may be contaminated with bacteria.

  • Physical hazards: Flood waters can conceal other dangers such as broken glass, electrical wires etc so tread carefully and if possible, completely avoid wading through such waters. If the water has been standing in your property for a day or two, physical structures such as the stairs or flooring are also weakened.

Steps to a flood-free property:

#1) Restoration experts from Dania Restoration Expert will remove any items in contact with the water right away to a safe place. Any items that are damaged beyond restoration are discarded.

#2) Water extraction units are brought in and water is pumped out until all traces of water disappear.

#3) Air blowers, dehumidifiers, heat vacuums and other equipment are used for effectively drying the property.

#4) Contamination levels are checked and the property is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants to remove any harmful microorganisms and mold.

#5) Damaged furniture, walls, flooring and other items are subjected to restoration efforts. What can’t be restored is replaced.

Has a flood drained your peace of mind? If you live in Dania, FL area, call 754-206-0820 for immediate remediation!