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Dania Restoration Expert Dania, FL 754-206-0820Let’s face it; nothing comes close to the devastation brought about by fire, which is second only to earthquakes. Everything, from your family heirlooms to your furniture, can be burnt to ashes. Not just that, the shock and sense of trauma that accompanies the event can have a drastic effect on your physical and mental well-being. While you can’t rewind the clock and prevent the fire from every breaking out, trust us to make the aftermath a lot easier and hassle-free on you. Being the leading restoration experts in Dania, FL, we can comprehend the severity of such situations and spring to action as soon as you call us on 754-206-0820.

Over the years, Dania Restoration Expert has undertaken innumerable restoration efforts in residential and commercial properties following fires than range between mild and extreme. No matter what the degree of damage done, you can count on us to set things back to normal!

Common types of fire you can encounter:

  • Kitchen fires

When food is left unattended on the stove or in the oven, the grease or animal fats, can burn intensely leaving a strong odor and residue behind. Such fires are extremely dangerous as it can spread quickly from the stove to the kitchen to other parts of the property.

  • Electrical fires:

These fires are caused due to a number of different factors such as worn out electrical wiring, shorts and sparks from faulty appliances, improper use of electrical outlets, or water coming in contact with live wires or breaker boxes.

  • Furnace/ heater fires:

Any malfunction or disruption in heater operation can cause fires and spread smoke across the property. Portable heaters without automatic shutoffs can overheat or coil space heaters can ignite any combustible material nearby and start a fire.

  • Natural causes:

Forest fires, burning shrubs and burn piles that have gone out of control can cause excessive smoke to penetrate properties, leaving residue and odors behind.

Not all fire damage is the same, and not every cause of fire has the same solution. And that’s why, no matter the cause or the degree of fire damage done, you can always count on Dania Restoration Expert to provide custom remediation to curb the losses and proven restoration techniques to revert your property to its pre-loss state.

Our work process includes:

1) Accurate estimates:

We’ll assess the damage done and provide impartial and accurate estimates to you and your insurance company.

2) Damage cleanup:

Any damaged contents that are burnt beyond repair, are identified, collected and discarded in a safe manner.

3) Soot removal:

Fire isn’t the only destructive force because the smoke and ashes it leaves behind continue to destroy your property. We can remove it thoroughly.

4) Water damage:

Firefighting efforts may result in water damage. We use high-end drying equipment to completely eliminate any excess moisture.

5) Deodorization:

Odors following a fire are strong and can contain toxins. We use advanced deodorizers to restore the air quality to standard conditions.

6) Restoration:

Furniture, electrical equipment, documents, cabinets and other items that can be salvaged are restored, whereas other elements are replaced.

7) Reconstruction:

Fires can compromise on your property’s structure. Some portions may need to be rebuilt. Our contractors can handle it!

When a fire wrecks your property in Dania, FL area, know that restoration is just a call away. Dial 754-206-0820!